More About The ONE Playing Cards

The ONE (Portland Ed.) at Cardistry-Con 2019

500 decks of the ONE Portland Ed playing cards was given out to each of the 500 attendees at the 5th Cardistry-Con 2019 in Portland Oregon in the morning as the doors opened at 10am on day 2. The response was pretty phenomenal. The ONE Portland edition takes on the colors of the hosting city’s flag, green, yellow and blue. The colors are uncommonly seen on playing cards so the visual appeal was something the cardists really liked. When put into a cardistry routine, it was very hard to ignore. Only 1500 decks were printed on this limited edition deck. The remaining 1000 decks will be released to the general public on Kickstarter at the end of August 2019.

Kevin Yu at CC'19
Matt Fox at CC'19

The ONE at Cardistry-Con 2018

The ONE playing cards was a first released at Cardistry-Con 2018 in Hong Kong on the second day as a surprise deck where every one of the around 200 attendees received a deck. This marks as a very significant day for MPC since this was the first time anyone outside of MPC got to test out the new card stock and finishing which has been in development for close to 3 years. It was a nervous moment when Alex presented the deck on stage, even though we were very confident cardists would love the deck, it wasn't a certainty yet. The feedback we received was nothing short of amazing and there was nothing but praise so we knew we definitely had a confirmed winner.

"Seeing Dan and Dave with The ONE in their hands during the Con was a major highlight"
says Alex.
Cardistry-Con in Hong Kong
Alex introducing The ONE
Photo with event organizers, Dan and Dave

The ONE on Kickstarter

Though The ONE was first released at Cardistry-Con 2018, we weren't entirely ready for its official release to the market yet. We wanted to make further tweaks to it. We chose to launch the deck on a crowdfunding platform (Kickstarter), as we thought it was the right channel to promote the deck to the public. Only a limited run of 5,500 decks were produced. The Kickstarter will be launched in April-May 2019.

Cardistry-Con in Hong Kong
Alex Matencio The ONE deck opening
Matt Fox test driving The ONE